Come learn and teach with us!

The Jewish Study Center needs you! The Study Center runs almost entirely on the efforts of volunteers. Teachers are volunteers. Board members are volunteers. Volunteers handle registration, set out snacks on class nights, distribute brochures, and assist in many other ways. Many of our volunteers trade their time and expertise for free classes. Because we cannot pay everyone who helps make the Study Center work, we offer tuition credit in exchange for hours worked. Without volunteer efforts, the Study Center quite simply could not offer its program.

Every little bit helps. If you can volunteer even one night a month, it makes a big difference. If you want to give more time to the Study Center, we have many positions available.

  • Flyer delivery – We’ll give you the flyers and the names of places near you (either your home or your work) to put them.
  • Registration aides – Help us on the first night of classes with signing in students
  • Class night volunteers – Put out and put away the snacks each night your class meets
  • Graphic Design Aides – We need someone to help design art for the webpage and brochures, in forms such as Jewish art, word art, photography, collages, etc.
  • Teachers – If you have an idea for a class or want to work with one of our ideas in development, let us know

If you are interested any of these options, please email info@jewishstudycenter.org.