Come learn and teach with us!

The Jewish Study Center needs you!  We especially need volunteers to help us operate in our new environment brought on by both the Covid-19 pandemic and by our new website.  We now have completely remote operations.  Our new website is much more interactive than our previous one and our new webmaster has no previous website management experience.

The Jewish Study Center runs almost entirely on the efforts of volunteers.  Board members and instructors are volunteers.  Curriculum development, zoom classes and website operations are all done by volunteers.  Without volunteer efforts, we quite simply could not offer our program. Every little bit helps.  If you can give some time to the Jewish Study Center, we have many part-time positions available.

Our current critical needs are for

Graphic Design Aide.  We need someone to help design our webpages, email blasts, social media displays and flyers using Jewish art, word art, photography, illustrations, collages, etc.

Marketing/Research assistant.  After a class has been scheduled, someone needs to contact individuals and organizations that may be interested in the class topic.  For example, if the class will cover legal issues related to the Jewish community, Jewish lawyers and their professional organizations should be contacted.

Social media aide, especially for Facebook.  We need volunteers to post and update materials to inform and attract potential students.

Social media marketer.  We’re looking for a volunteer who knows how to obtain free or reduced ads on Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Teacher or class director.  If you have an idea for a class or want to work with one of our ideas in development, let us know.  You might want to teach the class or recruit the teacher and help plan and conduct the class.

Website associate/backup administrator.  Our new website is much more interactive than our previous one.  Our long- time volunteer website administrator has retired and we have a new webmaster who has never before done any website management.  If you have experience with WordPress websites that will be very much appreciated.  If not, our current webmaster will share his new-found knowledge with you and the two of you can learn more together.

Zoom Tech Shomer.  Our recent Zoom classes have been rather large – close to 100 students each.  For each class we need at least two technical people to assist operations:  One person will operate or backup the screen sharing duties of the instructor, especially if the instructor unexpectedly loses internet or zoom capability.  A second person needs to allow (or reject) students from the Waiting Room into the Zoom Session and monitors participants to check if people are accidentally (or purposely) interfering by being unmuted or trying to disrupt proceedings.

 If you are interested any of these options, please email JewishStudyCenter@gmail.com.