Statement about the current situation in Israel.

With Jews around the world, we mourn the horrific events that have shaken Israel in the past week.  We grieve and are enraged by the violence wreaked by Hamas and the unfathomable loss of so many lives, with more undoubtedly to follow.  Just a few weeks after the High Holidays, when we solemnly pray for a year free of catastrophe and sinat hinam (baseless hatred), here they are again to torment us.

It will be many months before we have a full picture of what led up to this specific conflagration.  Much that we thought we knew is thrown into doubt; the future is also dark and uncertain.

Amid so much pain and confusion, we as an educational institution can only promise to continue doing what we do best: to study, teach and share Jewish learning and, through our focus on Jewish history, culture and traditions, to strengthen our communal bonds and continuing ties to Israel and its well-being.  Look for special programs and classes this fall to help all of us navigate these difficult times.

Links to the recordings of many of our previous programs, especially the Zoom classes, can be found here on our website. 

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