Who We Are

What we do:

The Jewish Study Center offers a wide array of classes and programs of Jewish content and invites anyone, regardless of background, to learn, grow and socialize with our community of learners.

Our classes include text study in Bible, Mishna, Talmud, and Midrash, as well as courses in Jewish arts and culture, ethics, history, and philosophy. Courses regularly apply Jewish tradition to issues of social action, politics, interpersonal relationships, and work.

The Study Center offers three semesters of courses per year, varying in range from single session classes to those lasting up to ten weeks.  Due to the current pandemic, our classes are now all conducted remotely on Zoom.  Most of our classes from North America are on Wednesday evenings.  Classes from international locations are mostly conducted on Sunday afternoons.  If/when the Covid-19 pandemic is no longer a threat, we may resume our in-person classes at convenient locations in the Washington, DC, metropolitan area.

Our Philosophy is Come learn with us:

The Study Center is committed to a pluralistic egalitarian approach to Jewish study that encourages active participation the rich and meaningful tradition of Judaism. Teachers continue to study in our learning community and students often become teachers.

Our Leadership:

Board of Directors   President Amy Schwartz, Vice President Mindy Reiser, Treasurer/Tech Director Jerry Garfinkel
Members  Vivien Clair, Marilyn Cooper, Beryl Neurman

Past Presidents  Paul Bardack, Ken Goldstein, Gilah Langner, Elaine Reuben, Bob Rovinsky, Sheryl Segal, Norman Shore

Advisory Board  Robyn Helzner, Rabbi Lauren Holtzblatt, Sheldon Kimmel, Rabbi Gilah Langner, Paul Scham, Norman Shore