Our Policies

Weather-Related Cancellations

Classes may be canceled for the following reasons:

  • The building is closed due to inclement weather.
  • The teacher cannot make it to the class due to inclement weather.
  • The teacher cannot make it to the class due to illness.

The easiest way to see if a class is canceled to inclement weather is to call the building where your class will be held:

  • Adas Israel Synagogue, (202) 362-4433
  • Temple Rodef Shalom, (703) 532-2217

If a class is canceled due to teacher illness we will notify you as soon as possible. Class sessions canceled due to weather will be rescheduled as soon as possible and when possible at the same place, time and day of the week as the original session. For information about rescheduled class sessions, refunds or other matters, please call (202) 332-1221 or message the Study Center at jewishstudycenter@gmail.com.

Enrollment-Related Cancellations

We request that you pre-register and pre-pay for the classes so we can inform you of any potential changes to the class. If there are no pre-registrations 24 hours before a class, that class may be cancelled.

If fewer than five students show up for a class’s first session, the instructor has the option of canceling the class after waiting 15 minutes. (However, many instructors choose to proceed.) If your class is canceled due to under-enrollment prior to the first session, we will make every effort to inform you if you have signed up. Cancellations will also be posted on our web site. All advance cancellations will be posted by 12:00 p.m. the day of a scheduled program.

We suggest you check our web site after 12:00 p.m. the day of your program to confirm your course status.