(24S1) Kabbalistic Passover Seder (23 April 2024)

April 23rd, 2024, 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm




Making your Passover Seder plans?  Don’t want an extensive trek to someone’s Seder?  Don’t leave your home.  Go online to join a traditional Passover second Seder with Kabbalistic interpretations.  It’ll be an enjoyable as well as a learning experience.


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Prepare your own seder plate, wine and dinner.  The service will be led by Jay McCrensky, a leading Kabbalah scholar and past Jewish Study Center Board member.   He is a former professor at St Mary’s College (Maryland’s public honor college), and author of Understanding Evil and Ethics through Kabbalah and Connecting to Judaism: Spirituality through Kabbalah, both available on Amazon or from Professor McCrensky at jMcCrensky@aol.com.