(22S5) Experiencing Kabbalah (30 Jun, 7 & 14 Jul 2022)

June 30th, 2022 - July 14th, 2022, 7:00 pm - 8:15 pm

Recording of session 1 is at https://youtu.be/aLUj6Qcd9Lk

Recording of session 2 is at https://youtu.be/Nidw6gnU5AQ

Recording of session 3 is at https://youtu.be/x5XqQ5z7ny4

Handouts and copies of the chats frm previous sessions are at 22S3-5 Kabbalah – Google Drive or https://drive.google.com/drive/u/0/folders/1_E_8yFFw3tjNmfRxgO9QsHGZ3cKfMrZj


Class sessions are on Thursday evenings and a recording will be available shortly after each session.

Kabbalah is a Jewish theology built upon the premise that, although God is unknowable, we can experience spirituality by receiving the emanations from this unknowable source.  Through these flows of potencies we become partners in ongoing creation, we receive the capability to feel holiness and spiritual connection, we obtain guidance on ethics in our day to day lives and repentance when we sin, and we become discoverers of new ideas, Torah interpretations, aspects of ourselves and understandings of the world around us.


This mini course is a continuation of the May 25th Introduction to Kabbalah.  New students are welcome but might want to listen to the video of the first class and review its handouts.  The video and handouts can be obtained at (22S3) Exploring Kabbalah – An Introduction (25 May 2022)

                            Course material

Session I – June 30, 2022
  Review of basic concepts
     * Understanding sin and evil
     * Introduction to the Symbolism of The Zohar

Session II – July 7, 2022
  Experiencing Kabbalah in Shabbat and Holiday Observance

Session III – July 14, 2022
 Experiencing Kabbalah in Weddings,  Mourning and other Life Cycle Rituals

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Jay McCrensky, PhD., is a leading Kabbalah scholar and past member of the Jewish Study Center Board of Directors.  He is a former professor at University of Maryland’s St Mary’s College, and is the author of Understanding Evil and Ethics through Kabbalah and  Connecting to Judaism: Spirituality through Kabbalah; both are available on Amazon or from Professor McCrensky.