21F1 Growing up Orthodox 6-Oct-21 at 8:00-9:30

October 6th, 2021, 8:00 pm - 9:30 pm

The recording of this event is at  https://youtu.be/ypicrBppdIg.
Growing up Orthodox

Reflections on growing up in the Orthodox Jewish world —  both historically and through personal experience.  Topics include how mothers influence the Jewish experience of their sons and the role of Lubavitch summer camps in the life of orthodox and non-orthodox Jewish kids.  With their essays in Artifacts of Orthodox Childhoods: Personal and Critical Essays, edited by Dainy Bernstein as a jumping-off point, Wendy Love Anderson and Schneur Zalman Newfield, join Bernstein in sharing memories, and perceptions of the larger Orthodox world.  The book is available for purchase at https://www.BenYehudaPress.com/jsc2021.  (The coupon code jsc2021 offers a 20% discount.)

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Dainy Bernstein holds a PhD in English from the CUNY Graduate Center, wrote a dissertation on American Haredi children’s literature and is currently working on an overview of the development of Haredi children’s literature in America, as well as a database of Haredi children’s texts and materials.



Wendy Love Anderson teaches and writes about bodies and religious identity in Judaism and Christianity, especially during the Middle Ages.  She has a PhD in History of Christianity from the University of Chicago, is Assistant Director of Academic Programs in the Center for the Humanities and an affiliate faculty member in Religious Studies at Washington University in St. Louis.



Schneur Zalman Newfield is an Assistant Professor of Sociology at Borough of Manhattan Community College, City University of NewYork, and is the author of Degrees of Separation: Identity Formation While Leaving Ultra-Orthodox Judaism (Temple University Press,2020).  Newfield is also a host on the Jewish Studies channel of the New Books Network podcast.