It’s been a tumultuous few months, and we hope you’ve been safe and well.  Along with all the heartache, upheaval and trauma in our perilous pandemic world, there has also opened up a surprising new space for online education—in particular, online Jewish education.

Like all of you, we’re alert to the needs around us, not just for our own safety but for justice and equity in our wider world.  We’ve returned to learning amidst debates and inquiries raging on every side—on race, politics, culture, identity and memory—topics we’ve visited many times, but on which we always have more to learn.  And like you, we’re eager to learn together in whatever spaces are appropriate.

We’ve started doing remote classes with a short, but exciting Summer semester.  Our summer classes first took us to New England for a piece of lost Jewish history in Burlington, Vermont, and an improbable visual feast.  Later in the summer our Challah Workshop from Jerusalem was our first international event and included practical tips on making challah as well as a discussion of the Jewish traditions and Halacha (Jewish law) concerning challah. 

We’re now approaching the end of our Fall semester.  It began with the timely but controversial topic – Jews and Refugees.  Then we went to two topics few of us know much about – the world of Romaniote Jews and Jewish immigrants’ involvement in America’s major wars.  Our final Fall program discusses the British Kindertransport that rescued 10,000 Jewish children from the Nazis.

Stay tuned for an enlightening Winter semester.  Potential topics include Jewish contributions to America’s Jazz classics, Jewish life in Latin America, Jewish life in contemporary Poland and a virtual visit to the bygone Jewish Catskills culture.

Links to the recordings of many of our previous programs, especially the Zoom classes, can be found here on our website.  A listing of currently scheduled classes is here.

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