The Jewish Study Center is on a break.  New classes are under development and are expected to begin in the summer.  Meanwhile our partners are active:

Seth Kibel says,Watch me in your jammies!

Okay…that might’ve come out wrong.

I don’t mean to imply that I’ll be wearing YOUR jammies.  That would be creepy and weird.  And I also don’t mean that I’ll be watching YOU in your jammies.

No — what I mean is that I’ve got another very special live stream performance coming up, and that means you can freely watch it from home while wearing your jammies. Or your raincoat. Or your giant bunny costume. Really — it’s up to you.

Friday, June 18 at 7 pm — Seth Kibel Trio Live Stream!


Sean Lane (piano), Bob Abbott (double bass), and myself will be streaming live from the stage of The Mainstay, a historic (an historic?) live music venue in Rock Hall, Maryland. Jazz, swing, klezmer, and more, with high-quality professional audio and video.

So…check us out and you’ll be supporting us as well as supporting this wonderful venue as they go through a difficult time.

Coming next at the National Museum of American Jewish Military Museum: July 8 at 3 pm – Leah Garrett – X Troop

Leah Garrett discusses the World War II saga of the Jewish refugees who fought in Britain’s most secretive special-forces unit.

Links to the recordings of many of our previous programs, especially the Zoom classes, can be found here on our website.  A listing of currently scheduled classes is here.

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